Your Own Technical Team

Global expertise at your finger tips

Running a small company today means that you have put on many hats, and with todays fast increasing demands, it is hard to keep up with a technology that keeps shifting gears at the blink of an eye.

If you plan to grow your business, your core business should be your main focus to ensure the a successful venture. You shouldn’t worry if the website is down, and that your emails are not working, you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Leave this work to us!

Training your staff can also introduce time and cost challenges that may reflect negatively on your business.

That’s why it’s best to simply outsource these tasks to companies like Cloud Mello. Think of it as having your own, dedicated, highly specialized IT company.

Do you need someone to build an eye-catching website that speaks your brand name? How about setting your office up with a dedicated Cloud Storage solution, to keep your own documents safe and sound?

Or how about configuring your custom, mission-critical application, from scratch?

You have come to the right place. We can definitely help you do all of the above, and more.

What Can You Use Us For?

Offload your work to us

Design Services

Creative UI/UX Designers

Pro Developers

Hire our developers by the hour.

Virtual Assistance

For Data Entry, and more.


Customize Your Application


Test your applications

Setting Up Environments

Let’s help you setup your own cloud

Still thinking of reasons why you should work with us, and use us as your preferred Outsourced IT provider?

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Benefits of hiring dedicated team from us

Lowering Costs

Use our outsourced services to lower you overall operations costs


Skilled experts and masters of their craft in the areas of design, development, and security.


Reliability and Support for both you and your employees

Easy Communication

Ensure the success of your project with transparent communications with us.

Focus on your work

Give your company more time to focus on the core business and tasks at hand.

We've got your back

All requests are handled quickly and efficiently